Next Sainsbury Toys Sale Event

Are you waiting for the huge Sainsbury’s Toy Sale Event? Shopping is becoming more of an event and each year there are many different deals making it very special indeed. The Sainsbury’s Toy Sale normally occurs in October, but this date changes but the month in general stays the same.

Having such deals makes this ideal for UK shoppers especially when you think it is a few months before Christmas and money can be saved. Shopping the Sainsbury’s Toy Sale event can save you up to 20% to 50% off selected products.

The event typically runs for about 6 days and offers will be amazing, stay on this page if you want to save the pounds because below you will see many of the special discounted products listed. Majority of people always ask when the next Sainsbury’s Toy Sale Event is, and right here you will know dates along with the deals on offer. You can also list the offers as well, feel free to add them. Get your kids sorted right now and get ready to bag a bargain. Bookmark this page for many updates!

When Live: Here is where you will find the next Sainsbury’s Toys sale, when the offers go live be sure to check the full list of discounts and bargains here.

Next Sainsbury Toys Sale Event

Next Sainsbury Toys Sale event news up to November 2019

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  • Silvia

    They have so many good toys at half price, such as the walking, talking pink unicorn for £6, was £12.

  • Larry

    The sale is on in store right now…

  • joanne makepeace

    dates of toy sale

  • Shirley

    The Minions Fluffy Illumi-Matesis now half price at just £4 thanks to the sale.

  • Clive

    Loving the fact they have 25% off many categories with one including LEGO. My 12 year old loves the stuff.

  • Josie

    The Sainsbury’s 25% off sale is now on. Think this runs up until 30th October.

  • Diane

    Only one day to go and the toy sale begins.

  • Emma Kelf

    Do anyone know when the Norwich longwater store has theirs please

  • Lisa

    If the news is correct then we can see the toys sale coming on October 18th, hope this is all correct.

  • Jules

    Still waiting on official news about the big toy sale reported as you say coming on 18th October. Have you any solid confirmation yet?

  • John

    Do not forget to mark 18th October down for the next Sainsbury’s Big Toy Sale.

  • Lowry

    The Galt Wiggly Worm Toy has beeb reduced from £13.00 down to just £8.66. This is new in the offers section.

  • James

    The Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Comfort Curve Bouncer was £40 but now only £26.66.

  • Kelvin

    This is the best page because these are the first to ever report when the sale is on.

  • Jessica

    People are saying the next one should be either 18th or 19th October 2017

  • Michelle

    Loving the sort of decent sale on toys, at the moment they are offering a third of many items.

  • Kerry

    I have just seen on the website that they are doing a sale on bedding duvet covers. Will have to take a proper look now.

  • Claire

    I am so getting ready for the next Sainsbury’s Half price Toy Sale expected around the middle of October.

  • Simon

    The Next Sainsbury’s Big Toy Sale is apparently coming on Wednesday 18th October 2017!

  • Janice

    I am so happy because my daughter is going to love my little purchase, the pack of 6 Dream Kingdom Unicorns are now half price, they only cost me £2.50.

  • Sarah

    Sainsbury’s online are offering up to half price off its toys, majority are only a 1/3 off but it all helps.

  • Kiley

    You can get up to half price of Sainsburys toys online at the moment. There are also a lot with a 1/3 off.

  • Jules

    Oh yes at last, The Hasbro Pie Face game is in stock at Sainsbury’s and they have knocked a 1/3 off the price. It was priced at £20 but is not £13.33.

  • Jamie

    The toys sale on they have at the moment i am guessing is NOT part of a main ‘Sainsbury Toys Sale’ event?

  • Paula

    There are many toys for sale over at Sainsbury’s online where you can save 25%, majority of the produsts has 25% off. Such as the Disney Faries Deluxe Fashion Doll reduced from £17 to £12.75.

  • Edwina

    There are many toys on sale like buy 2 for £7 and similar.

  • Jeremy

    When is the next toys sale? They have the 3 for 2 on wraps and tags but not the toys, any advice would be great. Thank you.

  • Mark (Editor)

    Please do add any bargain prices you see in store right here. Let people know what toy you have bought and price you paid.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The Sainsbury’s Super Toy Sale is now on where you can save up to half price. This sale is IN-STORE only. Find your nearest store here >

  • Nicola Dunne

    It’s on today I know someone who there at 7am and it’s v busy

  • Nicola Dunne

    It’s already on now. It’s already busy in stores

  • Nicola Dunne

    Already on. I know someone was there at 7am and it was really busy

  • Nicola Dunne

    Seems u can’t buy online. Only in store

  • Suzy

    Wot time does this toy sale start and is it any good? Not been before

  • Js

    Does anyone know if all the toys at a discounted rate will be showing online? Some stores are smaller than others so they may not stock them all in store.

  • a boucher

    Starts midnight tonight

  • Tracey

    Hi is this right that the sainsburys toy sale starts tomorrow ?

  • Cain

    The next big Sainsbury up to half price toy sale is starting in 2 days on October 19th, do not miss out on this peeps.

  • Kirsty

    Does anybody know what time the sale starts?

  • Jase

    I just called our local store in Bristol and they also confirm October 19.

  • Kiley

    Superb, thank you Kate. I will add the date.

  • Kerry Barrett

    HUKD have confirmed it is 19th October

  • Kadie

    Have posted an update above

  • Kadie

    Asked my local sainsburys store. They said after halloween this year. So a little later than usual.

  • Kerry Barrett

    Any updates on the toy event is is defo the 19th Oct

  • Carron

    I heard of a member of staff that it start 19th October

  • Lucy

    At the moment if you click Groceries on the Sainsbuy’s website then search for toys, you will see they are doing the 2 for £20 on toys for kids.

  • Gregg

    When is the next Sainsbury’s Toys Event? Been waiting a while now and nothing showing on the official website.

  • Kerry

    Search sainsburys for item code 126317100 and you will pay just £9.99 instead of £15 for the cute pink Little Nursery Talking Baby doll.

  • Laura

    Just bought my little girl the Disney Frozen Elsa’s Magical Musical Gloves , these were priced at £15 but i got them for only £4.50. That’s a whopping 70% off at Sainsbury’s.

  • Eb

    Half Price: was £13.00 now £6.50 – buy the Disney Princess Cinderella Enchanted Waltz Light Up Glass Slippers via Sainsbury’s online for a bargain.

  • Jim

    You can save 25% on the Batman Basic Role Play Mask – Was £10 now only £7.50.

  • Lesley

    Special sainsburys offer, Duracell Ultra M3 AA4 batteries 2 for £8.

  • Alex

    You can now buy the Bop It! Micro Series with the buy any two for £15 stamped on it with sainsburys toys.

  • Alex

    Grow & Play Wiggly Worm at Sainsbury’s online, by any 2 for £3.00.

  • Carson

    I am happy with my latest purchase via Sainburys, I just got the Barbie Birthday Princess Doll for just £12.00 instead of £15.

  • Tracie

    Will the next Sainsbury Toy sale event be online rather than just in store next time?

  • Suzie

    I went into the sainsburys in Bristol and wow there are many mums shopping like crazy. Guess they dropped the kids off to school and went shopping, on a mission i guess.

  • Rebecca

    I was expecting it to be an online sale as well, but its not. It is in-store only by the looks of things.

  • Mark

    I saved a huge £150 after spending £240. They have toys with up to 50% off, and a whopping 25% off Lego. I am so happy its unreal.

  • Lorraine

    Sainburys has just revealed on Twitter that the super toy sale starts today. They are saying get down fast.

  • Markus

    One more day to wait and the sale begin, roll on because i would like some Thomas the Tank Engine toys, my nephew loves it like crazy.

  • Rita

    I am very much looking forward to the half price toy sale at Sainsburys. My children both love Peppa Pig and anything that has a dinosaur on it. My kids will be super happy when i get them more for Xmas because toys are cheaper which means more for my money.

  • Lisa

    I remember last year buying my son a Thomas the Tank Engine toy with 50% off the marked price. I was well chuffed.

  • Kate

    I am so looking forward to the super toy sale over at sainsburys. Last year i saved over £100 a a fair few toys. Happy days as they say.

  • Jenna

    Is it definitely going to start on October 21, if that’s the case i better make sure I am free on Wednesday for the Sainsbury toys sale.