Next Tesco Clubcard Points Boost

Now is the time to get ready for the next Tesco Clubcard Points Boost, this is where you can double your Clubcard vouchers. However, sometimes through the year these boosts can change but majority of the time its the double points that bless us, these are more likely to take pace around a sale period such as Christmas.

You can make the most of your shopping around Christmas with these points because it allows you to use your points on stocking fillers, crackers, baubles and much more such as laptops, gaming console bundles etc. So when you see the ‘Clubcard Boost logo next to an item this is where you can save, take for example the 500GB Xbox One Rare Replay + Ori Bundle priced at £229, when purchased your vouchers will be waiting for you at the Tesco direct checkout, then all you need to do is add the vouchers and then they will automatically double.

The Boost voucher value will then be taken from your order, which in return saves you money. You will receive the different in Clubcard points if your Boost vouchers add up to being more than your order.

When Live: You’ll be able to keep up to date with the Tesco Clubcard Points Boost event via this official page, as soon as it goes live this is where the information will be and what is on offer.

Next Tesco Clubcard Points Boost

Next Tesco Clubcard Points Boost event news up to September 2018

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  • Mark

    You can now collect 1 Extra Clubcard Point for Every £4 You Spend in Tesco until the 28 Feb 18

  • Dorothy Currie

    When are the next vouchers due it seems ages since l received any?

  • Mandy Cherie Guest

    Do u know when the vouchers are due out plz

  • Joanne

    Whilst you wait for the clubcard boost a friend of mine said that there are rewards to do with family days out. Apparently vouchers are worth like 4x the normal value.

  • Teresa

    Watch out for the date 15th May 2017 in your next statement.

  • Sammy

    Tesco Big Brand Event is on right now. Some really good deals online folks.

  • Carla

    Tesco has launched their BIG Brand Event, head on over to their site and all will be shown…..

  • Simon

    The new up to 70% off with boots is about to happen soon. I have just read the Martin Lewis Boots Sale page he just published and it looks like the sale could happen this week even.

  • Karen

    I have tried to find out more when the next boost will be and it looks like Tesco will NOT be holding another event. The last double-up event was in June.

  • Alarna

    Not nearly as good as it used to be. I bought a Hudl 2 entirely with points boost last year. Won’t be able to do that again. Useless. Partners are few and offer very little. 🙁

  • sarah

    Does anyone know when the next one is? as thinking of using my points for black Friday but will be gutted if next one is after ive used y points x and missed the last
    one 🙁

  • Clary

    When is the next Tesco Clubcard Boost? Love to know a date so i am prepared this time.

  • Elaine

    Used to do 3quarters of my shopping at Tesco, rest at my local co-op, if boost has finished will do all my shop at co-op they give 5p in the £ on all co- op products, plus 1p donation to a charity of your choice. No brainer really bye bye Tesco!!!

  • Pauline

    Save my points all year and just got mine Thursday 10 th. Just check on line and double up as finished not best pleased

  • Karen

    I got my clubcard vouchers yesterday only to read I had missed the double up boost..

  • Nancy

    Love to know when the next Tesco Boost is?

  • Bob

    There is one last xmas boost. The letter club card holders received in May confirmed this.

  • Sarah Maddison

    They have stopped it now no more boosting available

  • Maxine

    No one knows when the next one will be. I would suggest bookmarking this page for updates.

  • Christine

    The Clubcard boost £5 = £10 has now ended, so when is the next one please?

  • Glenn

    Loving the fact we can boost our tesco clubcard vouchers in store, you have to go to the customer service desk to do so.

  • Jane

    Superb, I can use the tesco clubcard boost today, i spend a fivers worth of vouchers and get a tenner to spend.

  • Sybil

    At last, the Tesco Summer Clubcard Boost at Tesco is now LIVE. £5 = £10 now.

  • gstad

    I did and nothing!!!!

  • james

    does the point go through at midnight tonight?

  • A

    Anyone know when the product list is released with which items are included?

  • Maureen

    Not long now folks, May 16 is when the collecting will begin.

  • Stevo

    May 16 boost event will be the last one ever.

  • Belinda

    If you click on the link to the right on this page which goes directly to Tesco website, you will see the official dates

  • Jane

    If you visit money saving expert website they reveal the next Tesco clubcard boost is 16 may 2016 and will end June 26. What i find funny is that MSE News Reporter Lucinda Borrell article was published on 27 Apr 2016. Has she invented time travel or something?

  • Mark (Editor)

    Just heard through the grapevine that the next Tesco Clubcard Points Boost will be starting May 16, 2016. This will be £10 boost at Tesco Direct and F&F.

  • Jamie Rogers

    Which they’d hurry up and announce this. Don’t want to use them before and be sorry.

  • Jo

    Does anyone know if you can use the Christmas vouchers for the clubcard boost?

  • Kevin

    You can at the moment collect an extra 3000 clubcard points when you buy selected Hotpoint & Indesit Cooking – this also comes with free delivery.

  • Carla

    I think you can get up to 4 x your voucher value with Clubcard Boost Partners. Not sure if this is live right now though.

  • James

    So it has been confirmed there will be no clubcard boost this month, so what about April then?

  • Janet Hebblethwaite

    They probably have an idea as they probably put the cost of everything back up a few weeks before.. Im not sure but last years was on the 3rd of March and it’s not happened yet, typical as I wanted to buy grandson a trampoline from my points and now I’ve just bought one elsewhere you can bet they will do one

  • Jakki Wetherall

    How can they say there won’t be one in March if they’re not told when they will get one?

  • Janet Hebblethwaite

    Hi Janet,

    I’m very sorry we are not running a Boost sale this March.
    I’m sorry I don’t know when the next Boost sale will be, we are never told about upcoming promotions until they are just about to launch.

    As soon as we know we will advertise.

    Please let me know if I can help with anything else at all.

    Kind regards
    Alex – Customer Care

  • Lester Mills

    yeah, agreed. I don’t need much convincing on that front!

  • Timmy

    I think it will be soon, no confirmation from Tesco to back it up but its funny most of the PS4 and Xbox one games have more or less doubled in price overnight. Boost was a good incentive previously I’m not so sure now you’ll be lucky to get half as much again for your boost tokens if they almost double the cost of most items just before an event.

    Things like this just make me want to stop buying from Tesco.

  • Lester Mills

    Did I miss the boost, or did it not happen?

  • Pete

    Does anybody know if a boost event is starting soon? Going to be a pretty short event if it’s true that the end date is 29th Feb.


  • Deb

    Any idea as to when the boost will begin please? Thanks

  • Chris Butcher

    Not wishing to sound cynical, but I expect Boost will start Sat/Sun/Mon when half-term comes to an end for most of the UK schools.

  • Chris Butcher

    There is a strong rumour that a short-term Boost event will be starting soon, with an end date of 28 Feb. All that is known is the end-date currently. Fingers crossed any day now.

  • Melanne

    NO new clubcard boost yet from texsco, does anyone know when the next boost is on?

  • celine

    I assume it will be in may like last year?

  • Jiles

    is the Clubcard Boost back this month – £5 of vouchers = £10 Boost?

  • Jessica

    Get ready for the new £5 = £10 Tesco Clubcard Boost, should be starting fairly soon. I will let you know when I know more.

  • Harry

    When is the next Boost at Tesco, the last one has ended and I have been waiting for the next. Whilst you wait you may be happy that you can get up to 4 x your voucher value with Tesco Boost partners.

  • Lisa

    How long is this Tesco Clubcard Points Boost going to last for, and what happens if the boost item is less than the £10? Is it true i will get the difference in Boost points?

  • Kerry

    This applies to all departments such as technoly, gaming, home, clothing, toys and many more. Thsi sia great and just in time for Xmas, thanks Tesco.

  • Amanda

    Yeah the Tesco Clubcard Boost is really good at the moment, so for £5 you get £10, loving the fact you can double your Clubcard vouchers.