Nintendo 2DS £12.50, 3DS with Mario £22.50 at Tesco

If you head in-store to Tesco today, you might be one of the lucky shoppers to get a Nintendo 2DS for JUST £12.50 or a 3DS with Mario for £22.50. While some people managed to purchase these on Friday, January 22nd, it’s clear many stores will start selling at this reduced price from today.

Proof of others being able to purchase can be seen a popular deals website, Hot UK Deals here. You can also see that some people mention they tried to buy, but overheard staff explaining they will be held back until Saturday.


If you want a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS at this lowest price ever, then head to your local Tesco and we wish you the best of luck.


Nintendo 2DS £12.50, 3DS with Mario £22.50 at Tesco