Next NORAD Santa Tracker Event

The world’s most popular website and app to track Santa Claus is none other than NORAD Santa Tracker. This is a great Christmas-themed program that has a huge following, so much so its social media sites such as Facebook has 1,556,979 likes and 148K followers on Twitter.

Every year from December 1st the website goes live so you can see what NORAD does the rest of the year. But once the site officially goes live each year users will be able to play games, read the latest news and of course track Santa to see what part of the world he is in and where he is delivering presents.

He leaves North Pole and delivers presents to all the kiddies around the world, and on Christmas Even the telephone lines open where volunteers answer calls and emails from both adult and children. Then live updates will be posted onto the NORAD Tracks Santa website. Please do comment below on what you would like this year from Santa, will you be tracking him?

Next NORAD Santa Tracker Event

  • Bee

    I am looking forward to Christmas this year.

  • Louise

    The Santa tracker countdown timer has begin and we have just over 22 days until he is on the move. You can now also explore the NORAD website, watch movies, check the gift shop out, play some games in the arcade, listen to Santa’s music, check the Library out and so much more.

  • Jemma

    Wahey, it it true that Santa is leaving in 40 days? That’s what my app says anyway.

  • Eric

    I am so looking forward to this years santa tracker, i so hope he is coming to bristol, uk.

  • Grace

    What game will they add to NORAD Tracks Santa website for 2015?

  • Editor

    Even though you can track Santa on all browsers they have just partnered with Microsoft. This is a new web experience apparently with Santa Tracking with Bing Maps, as well as other cool features such as, Skype and OneDrive.