Oprah 12 Day Giveaway Sweepstake

The ‘Oprah 12 Day Giveaway’ has begun and runs from November 30th until the 11th. There will be codes each day where you can enter for a chance to win prizes chosen by the star herself, all you need to do is type the single code in and away you go.

Oprah’s 12-Day Give-O-Way sweepstakes is simple and by entering each day you will get a better chance on winning something. You do need to be 21 and over to enter and simply searching oprah.com/12days in your browsers URL field or clicking on the link to the right will take you to her main page for more information.

The Codes: November 30: 027, December 1: 036, 2nd 046, 3rd 072, 4th 080, 5th 098, 6th 108, 7th 114, 8th 120, 9th 131, 10th 168 and 11th is 170. Only enter these codes when the on that date. Only one entry per person each day, there will be a random drawing around December 12th, 2015.

Oprah 12 Day Giveaway Sweepstake

  • Rose

    I had no issues at all using my smartphone to enter, you will be fine Teresa. I have been entering each day since it started on my HTC Android phone and all has been very well. Good luck.

  • Teresa

    Can I enter codes via my mobile phone? Because my friend tried to using her AT&T Android phone and nothing happened. Please do let me know because i will enter a little later.