Each year the next Overwatch Halloween Event gets better with age and this time round it is all about the ‘Terror’. Welcome to this years Overwatch Halloween Terror Event 2017 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One where Junkenstein’s Revenge and Legendary skins return.

When you look at previous years the timings of release were predominantly between 6pm and 7pm UK time just like the Summer Games. Each year the event is kept a secret right up until release but you can be sure that all information, release dates and times etc will be listed here on this page, either within the post or in the comments.

When the patch notes go live we will list them in the commenting area for all to read. Be assured that the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode will be a return feature, new skins will include Reaper, McCree, Symmetra, Zenyatta and Mei some of these will come with the release of Terror and some will follow over the weekend.

What would be good to see is last years skins but at a much cheaper price, this would be fantastic for fans, if we look at the Summer Games Event we would suggest the Halloween Terror classic skins costing around somewhere in the region of 1,000 credits but others such as Reaper and McCree around 3,000. Get ready for 50 spooky new items part of the special loot boxes. Other interesting things include the ability in teaming up with 3 other players where you get to fight the Reaper, Junkenstein’s Monster, Dr. Junkenstein himself and a mysterious witch and more. PLEASE do check this page regularly as updates will be posted.

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