The PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas always begins on December 1 and finishes on the 24th. There will be one deal per 48 hours, with a collection of discounted games some being cut by up to half price.

Deals are for PlayStation 3, PS4 and PS Vita, which is all part of the Christmas promotion. Great titles with low prices is what you can expect every year. December 1 a good game will appear for 48 hours then on December 3 another will commence for the same amount of time.

Sony’s 12 Deals of Christmas sale event happens each year in many countries including here in the UK. Why pay nearly £60 when you can pay just £30, and obviously less dependent on what game is up on offer, check out the comments below for updates on new deals. What games would you like added to the PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas and on what platform? Happy Christmas all and hope you have a lot of fun.

When Live: Please do visit the official PlayStation 12 Days of Christmas Deals website, be sure to check the comments below because this is where deals will be added. You can also visit this page too.

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