Next Pokemon Go Event

Pokemon Go is one of those games that took the world by storm, especially here in the UK and this one holds special events during the year. So, when is the next Pokemon Go Event? Well, here is where you can find all the information you need as it comes in.

Pokemon Go is a game that gets you out of the house with friends or family, some of the events are not very well known or do not even get a good enough mention and now and then the big events do coincide with big public holidays such as Pokemon GO Grass.

This is a page to discuss upcoming Pokemon Go events as well as issues you may be having. Maybe you have a question such as, “When is the Pokemon GO Grass event end time,” or maybe you would like to discus about being “soft banned” from the game. Anyway, as soon as there is an event on you will know right here within the comments, if you know before us please do let everyone know below.

Next Pokemon Go Event

Next Pokemon Go event news up to September 2018

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  • Janey

    Not sure if this is the case with non-events but Niantic just made a major change to the game to stop cheaters. Looks like we cannot fake our location anymore to catch Pokemon anywhere in the world.

  • Max

    When the Grass event begun I got soft banned from the game and I have no idea why this happen. I am ok now it was only for like 2 hours, strange.