Next Runescape Christmas Event

Each year the next ‘Runescape Christmas Event’ just gets better where the quest episodes get you gripped where rewards are given. Obviously when the quests are released they do not have to be completed on that particular week but there is a time limit, but one thing is for sure here is where you will find all the dates, rewards and much more.

When you pull a Runescape Christmas cracker you will not be getting any useless key ring, plastic comb, colourful hat and a bad joke. Oh no, instead you will get major rewards after completing given quests.

In 2014 the event was called ‘Festive cheer’ which began on December 1st and ended January 5th. For 2015, 30 November to 11 January 2016 it was called ‘The Pinch Who Stole Christmas’. When the next Runescape Christmas event begins you can be sure all updates and comments will be found here.

Check out the events and what can be unlocked below, if you do wish to share information please do mention the name of the event, what you had to do and the name of the rewards and what they meant.

Next Runescape Christmas Event

Next Runescape Christmas Event event news up to November 2019

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  • Rudy

    I am having issues trying to open the Runescape Christmas event, it does not matter what I do its not working for me. I have tried switching worlds and relogging in and other things and nothing.

  • Greggy

    That’s because they are all based on James Bond names. Love it hey?

  • Larkin

    I normally have to read walkthroughs on these Runescape Christmas events as i find this game a little hard. I am new to this type of gaming. But i have done both episode 1 and episode 2 without the walkthrough, but for but now waiting on Episode 3: Licence to Chill which unlocks on December 14, 2015. Then on December 21 it will be Episode 4: Quantum of Solstice.

  • Alann

    I have only just done The Pinch Who Stole Christmas episode 1 for your ice only. Sounds like James Bond right lol. I done my bit where I chatted to snow imp at Lumbridge. This one does not need explaining as it is fairly easy to do, after doing what i had to do i got the Penguin Snowboard.