Ryanair Flash Sale for Cheap Flights

There is nothing better than going away with a better price attached, being it business, pleasure etc, if you can get a cheap flight then all the better. This is where the Ryanair Flash Sale comes into play where you can get one way tickets from just a mere £4.99. Do you know when the next Ryanair Flash Sale is being held?

For example in a recent search you could go from London Stansted to Gothenburg in September for just £4.99 one way. Ryanair Flash Sales normally last just one day and they go very quickly indeed, you will see plenty of flights with prices attached such as £4.99 and 9.99, these are the most popular.

These type of sales vary, sometimes they will have a 20% off the marked price, have you come across a cheap flight recently? Please do let us know where you flew from and too and also add the price.

When Live: Whenever the Ryanair Flash Sale begins you can be sure they will be listed on the official website.

Ryanair Flash Sale for Cheap Flights

  • Mark (Editor)

    Visit this page where you can get flights from just £2 at Ryanair. http://bit.ly/2eCatkh

  • Carla

    You can now get flights to Warsaw from just £14.99, all you need to do is select your dates and away you go.

  • Alex

    I am flying to Dublin from Birmingham for jusy £9.99 one way and returning two days later for just another £8.53. BARGAIN.