Next Sainsburys Double Up Event

So, when is the next Sainsbury’s Double Up Event? These dates can change throughout the year, but for 2015 the date stands at 18 to 24 November. This event is a great way of gaining more thanks to the ‘Nectar Rewards Double Up’.

The Nectar Rewards Double Up’ or mostly known as the ‘Sainsbury’s Double Up Event’ provides its customers with points being worth more. These points turns to pounds where you can spend on lovely gifts for family and friends, or simply buy yourself something.

The process is simple, when you get 1,000 Nectar points you now get a £10 instead of £5. 2,000 at £10 is now £20, 3,000 points is now bumped up to £30 and 4,000 now £40 instead of £20. This can be exchanged for many via Sainsbury’s, such as homeware, Tu clothing, electricals, champagne, toys, entertainment and so much more. Please be aware this is not in conjunction with Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand.

When Live: If you visit the official Sainsbury’s Nectar Rewards Double Up Page right here you will never miss a thing. This page will be updated as and when the event is live.

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