Next Sainsburys Double Up Event

So, when is the next Sainsbury’s Double Up Event? These dates can change throughout the year, but for 2015 the date stands at 18 to 24 November. This event is a great way of gaining more thanks to the ‘Nectar Rewards Double Up’.

The Nectar Rewards Double Up’ or mostly known as the ‘Sainsbury’s Double Up Event’ provides its customers with points being worth more. These points turns to pounds where you can spend on lovely gifts for family and friends, or simply buy yourself something.

The process is simple, when you get 1,000 Nectar points you now get a £10 instead of £5. 2,000 at £10 is now £20, 3,000 points is now bumped up to £30 and 4,000 now £40 instead of £20. This can be exchanged for many via Sainsbury’s, such as homeware, Tu clothing, electricals, champagne, toys, entertainment and so much more. Please be aware this is not in conjunction with Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand.

When Live: This page will be updated as and when the event is live.

Next Sainsburys Double Up Event

Next Sainsburys Double Up event news up to September 2018

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    very quick services

  • Grace Winwood

    Finging it hard to log in

  • Nichola Lamb

    Just signed up. Easy as pie. Just type the address into your address bar at the top of your screen and it takes you straight there. DO NOT GOOGLE IT AS IT WILL BRING YOU HERE. Enter your code. Choose your amount. Done

  • susan gardner

    What a complete fiasco for 200 points.Website isnt clear. Get double up event page. Sainsburys need to get this made far simpler. No one can get on this count up now thing.

  • Pamela Fair

    where do I type in my unique code

  • Catherine Lee

    I can only get the double up page – what next?

  • Isobel

    Just tried the website and can’t even bring it up on computer. Stupid waste of time

  • Gerry

    Doesn’t matter whether you type in the address code or let it take you there automatically, still end up on double up page.
    Useless, waste of anyone’s time to get 200 nectar points. only benefit is to the mail delivery company delivering all of that wasted paper.

  • Denise Griffin

    Couldn’t find anywhere to enter code. Why send out correspondence to do this when it does not work. Very frustrating

  • Denise Griffin

    Trying to put unique number in. Sainsbury’s not made things easy

  • Denise Griffin

    Trying to put in code now

  • irene Wardrop

    sorry when i eventually managed to get the screen to enter my unique code i went click crazy …dont think i have set it right at £20.00 ?!

  • Jacqueline Ried

    About to start. Difficult to log on originally.

  • Deborah

    It did not work on yahoo either. Ridiculous. Gives Sainsbury a bad name.

  • Deborah

    I too am trying to set my countupnow target but the link does not take me anywhere either. I have not googled it either. Very frustrating for such a prestigious company to have such hopeless instructions.

  • Bob Pickersgill

    same with me!

  • Terri Stevenson

    I have had a mailing regarding the countupnow campaign and I just cannot find it…I have put the address is my search bar and just get the Sainsbury’s homepage . Help !!

  • Lisa French

    Hi Russell
    I think you’ll find you’ve googled the site instead of entering it straight into your address bar.
    Just type the www address straight into your address bar and you’ll arrive at the right page 🙂

  • Lisa French

    I think you’ll find you’ve googled the site instead of entering it straight into your address bar.
    Just type the www address straight into your address bar and you’ll arrive at the right page 🙂

  • Lisa French

    Hi Louisa
    I think you’ll find you’ve googled the site instead of entering it straight into your address bar.
    Just type the www address straight into your address bar and you’ll arrive at the right page 🙂

  • Louisa T

    Really doesn’t surprise me. I entered into a lengthy discourse with Sainsburys regarding a previous poorly executed marketing exercise. Despite eventually addressing my issues to the office of the Managing Director, I failed to get any sort of resolution and finally admitted defeat!

  • Julie Palmer

    I thought this offer was called ‘Count Up Now’, this site appears to be for Double Up
    If Sainsburys cannot make this kind of thing simple, why bother!”!!!!



  • Jenny Reader

    The event is on from the 15th to 21st November.

  • Jenny Reader

    I have spent the total of my allowance in electricals and Tu clothing now. £80 original value so have redeemed 2 lots of £40 which is the limit with two lots of double ups of £20. Phew!

  • Jenny Reader

    I spent £40 in value and exchanged £20 in double up vouchers. Ergo that is my lot. You cannot have 50p’s amounts as bought two Proseco at £7.50 so had to get a bottle of wine for the other £5 so redeemed £10. So only have another £10 to spend on Taste the difference prducts. Confusing but it is the total of the original product price which was £22 so spent £2 outside the double up offer.

  • Unsure

    How many times can i buy tu clothing during this event

  • lucy smith

    The mirror is reporting double up starts 15 November. Is this true or fake news?

  • Kim Gulliver

    Sainsburys – why all this faffing about and hacking off customers? Tell us simply what we can double up on and when and print it on our shopping bill. Expecting us to click on here or there, insert codes and the rest of the rubbish we are very likely all end up shopping in Morrisons or Lidl or Aldi or Tesco. So much less hassle.

  • rhonda

    I did the same.
    useless system
    expect better from sainsburys

  • Judith Roberts

    I have been trying to double up points on behalf of my mum who does not have a computer.I began trying before the 10th Sept deadline to find where I had to input her code but to no avail. Not very impressive Sainsburys.

  • Janine

    Has anyone tried using this webpage, not sure if this helps or not please let me know as I do not have a Nextar card so cannot try.

  • Darren Wheeler

    Look under the search engine YAHOO
    Not Google.
    You will find it by then entering
    This will then prompt you to enter your code at the bottom of the page.
    It worked for me and my friends
    Good luck

  • Jan L

    Annoying that you cannot enter your unique number, it is still 10th September where I live… we canNOT aim for it together.

  • JD

    Can’t find the correct website either!!

  • Penny Miller

    I have to say, I have spent time trying to see if there is something I’m missing. But no. A bit disappointed JS. Not fair.

  • Peter Jenkins

    where do i put the code

  • Laurence Bryant

    I to am not sure where to put the code

  • carol hoyle

    I have been trying without success to enter code. Very disappointed

  • Francesca Tolond

    Hi there folks, I cannot get onto any page which allows me to enter my code by 10 September today! Just spotted it should be countingup so I shall try. No luck. The question is will Sainsburys try again.

  • Ann Webb

    I have also tried to register my unique code unsuccessfully. What are you playing at Sainsburys

  • Marjorie De’Ath

    I’m not a greedy person,but I go to the trouble of getting to this page to register with my unique code,and it more or less says’ What unique code? What points promised by Sept 10th?Enter what?

  • Ola Ogundemi

    This is a waste of time as there is no where to enter codes. What’s the catch???

  • Patricia Birch

    Could not find it on Yahoo either !!

  • Patricia Birch

    I can not find where to enter my unique code either !!!

  • Alan Mansell

    I’ll need more than the promised 250 points for the time I have wasted. Appalling!!!

  • Peter Christian-Lau

    Cant find web site for countupnow. Typical Sainsbury lots of mail shots but no back up You would think a company the size of Sainsbury could get their IT right. They seem to have cut a lot of store staff, clearly they have cut IT staff as well. Oh well I give up Ocardo here I come at least their IT works!

  • Kath Peasley

    What a phaff i still haven’t found it , don’t think I’ll waste any more time

  • Linda Miles

    I have just completed my countup and following another persons comment it was very easy click on the secure bar not google. This is not a scam and I love Sainsburys

  • fbkd-spuf-vk8v

    can not find count up its a con

  • fbkd-spuf-vk8v

    very very good

  • John

    Hi to all you fellow strugglers. I contacted sainsburys this morning who told me that the countupnow is wrong and it should be countingup. Still no luck on google but searched via yahoo and went straight to the site. Hope this helps and stops those frustrations. They never make life easy!!!

  • OS

    Can’t find countupnow either!!!!!

  • Alan

    No need to repeat what other customers have already highlighted. BUT come on Sainsbury’s your service is better than this!!!

  • Josephine Tarling

    Same as other complaints: where is “countupnow”! Please don’t waste my time with pointless mailshots.

  • D Lucas

    Checked everywhere. Can’t find!! Card received saying register by 10th September.
    Obviously you don’t want people to claim their free points!


    Count Up Now
    C ompletely
    U seless
    N otification
    Where is it on your web site,I,like many others ,cannot find any where to enter the unique code,
    ”Taste the frustration”

  • C Nobbs

    you said choose your goal before 10 September but when I go on line to “countupnow” there is NOWHERE to fill in my unique code. Is all this a rip-off?

    your in disgust

    C Nobbs

  • John

    I thought I was going mad trawling through different pages. Pleased to know that I am not the only one!!!

  • Jo

    Has the double up event stopped for good now? It says there will be one later on in the year and this was reported like 4 months ago. So yes they missed the Spring one but what about now.

  • G Poc

    I tried to find the countupnow site. Google – they say ‘neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever heard of it.’

  • roger celia

    I had a mailshot last week inviting me to register at by 10th September.
    Where is it?

  • Katie

    I actually read this too over on Twitter and someone asked Martin Lewis when the next one would be and Sainsbury’s tweeted back keep your eyes peeled because it could be soon.

  • Del

    I am not happy that Sainsbury’s will not be holding its ‘double-up’ event. This Spring there will be no event but there will be later in the year.

  • May

    Sainsburys has cancelled its double up event. I hope they bring it back at some point though.

  • Hayley Colburn

    you have loads!! that’s worth about £63, i’d wait for a double up event to use them if I were you

  • Julie

    Does anyone know when the next double up points is on please.

  • Amelia

    There is no news anywhere about the next Sainsburys Double Up event, I have phoned them and they are saying nothing.

  • Shirley

    The last double up event ended November 22nd, so when is the next one please?

  • Jenny Stone

    I have 15.669 nectar points what is that In money pls

  • Kerry

    You can double up in a department at a store, then pay for those with your voucher and then go straight back to customer services and double up in the same department again. You just can’t use 2 vouchers for the same department in the same transaction.

  • Maxi

    It does say on the form within the link above in the pst you have to choose the store you wish to spend your Nextar points in. So I am guessing you can only spend in one store, this is a good question.

  • Susan Robson

    Your stating max we can double up is 4,000 points. Can we double up at different sainsburys stores? For example use my 4,000 points at one store and use another 4,000 points in another store? It doesn’t seem a lot 4,000 points!

  • Jessica

    So, the Nectar Rewards Christmas Double Up ends on Tuesday 22 November 2016 – thank you for letting us know Mark.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The next official Sainsburys Double Up Event is going to be 16 to 22 November 2016. Your Nectar points will be worth twice as much when you decide to exchange them.

  • Jenny Suzanne Lovatt

    16/11-22/11/16 🙂

  • Jenny Suzanne Lovatt


  • KS

    I’ve just asked Sainsburys via their online chat whether there will be another Double Up event this year, but they aren’t telling. Annoying.

  • Macy

    Would be good if they do the double up on november 25th in conjunction with black friday sale.

  • Carla

    The last Nectar Rewards Double Up ended April 2016, so when will the next one be?

  • Anne

    Will there be another double up nectar points event before Christmas 2016

  • Mark

    Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up 2016 will begin on March 30 until 5th April. Nrctar points will apparently be worth up to twice as much when you exchange them for Double Up vouchers in the Nectar Rewards Double Up., you can use these in Tu Clothing, Toys, Electricals, Entertainment, Homeware , still, sparkling and fortified wine.

  • Malcom

    Will there be bigger and better deals from November 27 kicking in for the Black Friday weekend?

  • Grace

    Greattttttt, I never even heard of this event, but i like it none the less.

  • Diane

    This is superb, thanks guys i didnt even know about this and would have thought i was getting extras by mistake.