Next Sainsburys Double Up Event

So, when is the next Sainsbury’s Double Up Event? These dates can change throughout the year, but for 2015 the date stands at 18 to 24 November. This event is a great way of gaining more thanks to the ‘Nectar Rewards Double Up’.

Next Sainsburys Double Up Event

The Nectar Rewards Double Up’ or mostly known as the ‘Sainsbury’s Double Up Event’ provides its customers with points being worth more. These points turns to pounds where you can spend on lovely gifts for family and friends, or simply buy yourself something.

The process is simple, when you get 1,000 Nectar points you now get a £10 instead of £5. 2,000 at £10 is now £20, 3,000 points is now bumped up to £30 and 4,000 now £40 instead of £20. This can be exchanged for many via Sainsbury’s, such as homeware, Tu clothing, electricals, champagne, toys, entertainment and so much more. Please be aware this is not in conjunction with Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand.

When Live: If you visit the official Sainsbury’s Nectar Rewards Double Up Page right here you will never miss a thing. This page will be updated as and when the event is live.

Next Sainsburys Double Up Event event news up to July 2017

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  • Katie

    I actually read this too over on Twitter and someone asked Martin Lewis when the next one would be and Sainsbury’s tweeted back keep your eyes peeled because it could be soon.

  • Del

    I am not happy that Sainsbury’s will not be holding its ‘double-up’ event. This Spring there will be no event but there will be later in the year.

  • May

    Sainsburys has cancelled its double up event. I hope they bring it back at some point though.

  • Hayley Colburn

    you have loads!! that’s worth about £63, i’d wait for a double up event to use them if I were you

  • Julie

    Does anyone know when the next double up points is on please.

  • Amelia

    There is no news anywhere about the next Sainsburys Double Up event, I have phoned them and they are saying nothing.

  • Shirley

    The last double up event ended November 22nd, so when is the next one please?

  • Jenny Stone

    I have 15.669 nectar points what is that In money pls

  • Kerry

    You can double up in a department at a store, then pay for those with your voucher and then go straight back to customer services and double up in the same department again. You just can’t use 2 vouchers for the same department in the same transaction.

  • Maxi

    It does say on the form within the link above in the pst you have to choose the store you wish to spend your Nextar points in. So I am guessing you can only spend in one store, this is a good question.

  • Susan Robson

    Your stating max we can double up is 4,000 points. Can we double up at different sainsburys stores? For example use my 4,000 points at one store and use another 4,000 points in another store? It doesn’t seem a lot 4,000 points!

  • Jessica

    So, the Nectar Rewards Christmas Double Up ends on Tuesday 22 November 2016 – thank you for letting us know Mark.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The next official Sainsburys Double Up Event is going to be 16 to 22 November 2016. Your Nectar points will be worth twice as much when you decide to exchange them.

  • Jenny Suzanne Lovatt

    16/11-22/11/16 :)

  • Jenny Suzanne Lovatt


  • KS

    I’ve just asked Sainsburys via their online chat whether there will be another Double Up event this year, but they aren’t telling. Annoying.

  • Macy

    Would be good if they do the double up on november 25th in conjunction with black friday sale.

  • Carla

    The last Nectar Rewards Double Up ended April 2016, so when will the next one be?

  • Anne

    Will there be another double up nectar points event before Christmas 2016

  • Mark

    Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up 2016 will begin on March 30 until 5th April. Nrctar points will apparently be worth up to twice as much when you exchange them for Double Up vouchers in the Nectar Rewards Double Up., you can use these in Tu Clothing, Toys, Electricals, Entertainment, Homeware , still, sparkling and fortified wine.

  • Malcom

    Will there be bigger and better deals from November 27 kicking in for the Black Friday weekend?

  • Grace

    Greattttttt, I never even heard of this event, but i like it none the less.

  • Diane

    This is superb, thanks guys i didnt even know about this and would have thought i was getting extras by mistake.