Next Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing Sale

Get ready for the next Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing Sale! There are many Tu clothing sales happening during the year and when they occur they will be mentioned on this dedicated events page. Exclusive to Sainsbury’s since 2004 Tu offers customers with many affordable items without compromising the style.

When Live – here is where you can find the best deals: Never miss out on a Sainsbury’s Tu sale again, where you can save up to half price as well as many other discounts. Be sure to check the official website for updates and not forgetting the commenting section below.

You can shop for Sainsbury’s Tu Clothes for men, women, kids and babies. They also have a dedicated lingerie and Tu Style section for its customers. Whenever there are any good deals after a sale goes live, you will see them right here with Event Next.

Based on previous Sainsbury’s Tu offers, the majority of the time prices will be cut with a 25% off sale. Get ready and flatter yourself with some great clothes, you may see items such as the cute pink girls Bubble Hem Puffa Coat, be good to see the price come down. Stay with us because events pop up often and when they do you can see them in the comments below.

Next Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing Sale

Next Sainsburys Tu Clothing Sale event news up to November 2019

To find out about the latest Sainsburys Tu Clothing Sale rumors and news, see reports below.

When is the next Sainsburys Tu Clothing Sale event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Jane Pizza

    When is the next Tu event?

  • Jane Howse

    Anyone know when the next 25% Tu is please.

  • Lisa

    The Sainsbury’s Tu 25% OFF Clothing Sale Is ON In-Store!!!

  • Mark

    SAVE THE DATE!! Tuesday 27th March is when the next 25% off Tu Clothing sale is on at Sainsbury’s….

  • Jessica

    The 25% off sale is on today – head down to the store to bag a bargain….

  • Kathy

    Sainsbury’s will be having a 25% off sale on baby and toddler clothing tomorrow Feb 13th…

  • Chrissy

    So when is the next Sainsbury’s Tu 25% off sale, i know it is coming in February but not sure when….

  • Mark

    Next Sainsbury’s 25% OFF Tu Sale Starts on Black Friday 24th November and will run for 11 days! according to Money Saver Online via Facebook.

  • Alice

    24th – and ends on the 30th.

  • Janice

    The Sale started on 24th October and ends on 30th.

  • Fiona Slater

    24th october so ive heard

  • Emma Spencer

    Does anyone know when the next tu sale is please?

  • Branda

    This is great news thank you, so hoping they have Halloween costumes within the 25% off.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The next Sainsbury’s 25% off TU Clothing sale is on tomorrow. Let all your friends know.

  • Jed

    The Sainsbury’s Tu Baby Clothing Event is on right now.

  • Lynn Sheridan

    When is the next TU sale thanx

  • Christina

    The next Sainsbury’s Tu 25% off sale is Tuesday 15th August 2017…

  • Jenny

    The Sainsburys Tu Clothing Sale is on right now and ends 29th May 2017. Only in selected stores and online.

  • Diane

    There does not seem to be any sales on at the moment, I will watch this page closely as i do love a good deal from Sainsbury’s Tu clothing.

  • Carla

    Any ideas when the next 2017 Sainsbury’s baby Event is on?

  • Vickey

    Its on now Lara, up to half price savings to be had.

  • Jane

    The Sainsbury’s Tu Sale is now on where you can save up to half price on selected Tu Clothing.

  • Lara

    I have not seen any sale yet on the website…… They did have a sale on in February so any idea when the next one is on?

  • Kate

    It normally is on the 22nd towards the end of the month but not this year was hoping to get some bargains as well !

  • Sharon

    According to previous years it usually starts on the 22nd of March.

  • Doosey

    Does anyone know when the next Sainsburys TU 25% off event is? I thought there was going to be one around now?

  • Jenny

    What have you found in store that was worth buying today? The 25% helped me save a few pennies, My girl will love the stunnig Girls White Unicorn Sweat I just bought her. It was £9 but now reduced to £6.75.

  • Claire

    The Tu Clothing sale is on right now, and as normal there is 25% off all Tu clothing.

  • Sharon

    The next Tu clothing sale will offer 25% off and will start on February 14th and ends on the 20th 2017. This is a great way to make people buy stuff on Valentines Day.

  • Coleen

    On the homepage of the official Sainsbury’s Tu clothing page they are now showing the huge up to half price sale. They also have the Baby’s Big Event on as well, which is very good indeed.

  • Charley

    I love the adorable little girls knitted dress in cram, it was £10 but now only £5 so I bought it. Thanks Sainsburys Tu sale.

  • Jonas

    The next big 25% off Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing sale will be 16 – 22 February 2017.

  • Lennii

    Loving the cute Boys Blue Knit Shirt And Chinos for 0-24 months and its price drop from £16 down to £8.

  • Clarey

    its fairly cold out there so decided to buy a knitted red crew neck jumper for my son. These start at £5.50, right up to £7 dependent on age.

  • Lindsay

    Tan Leather Heeled Slouch Boots reduced from £45 down to £22.50. Bargain, hope the husband doesnt mind me buying lol.

  • Mandy

    I am really loving the adorable girls red Gruffalo dress for ages 0 to 24 months for just £7, reduced down from £14.

  • Sarah

    The Sainsbury’s Tu clothing sale is on right now where you can save up to half price on selected clothing. This includes men, women and kids clothing as well as baby.

  • Kiley

    No sale on kids Christmas jumpers on the Tu website, not happy as want to buy 6 of them for my kids. Please drop the price Sainsburys.

  • Jerry

    Looks like the next Sainsbury’s Tu 25% off ale is not going to be until the 16th February 2016, which runs until the 22nd Feb. Nothing more this side of Christmas or for the January sales.

  • Henz

    When is the tu half price sale ?

  • Mark

    The Sainsbury’s Tu clothing sale is now on where you can save 25% on all Tu Clothing. Hurry though because this sale ends on December 5th.

  • Lynne

    Just rang local Sainsbury’s and 25% starts tomorrow 29th

  • Freddie

    25% off apparently starts today from this page but there’s nothing on the Sainsbury’s website?

  • Peter

    Argos has a new stylish partner, yes it is Tu clothing. Happy days.

  • Lucy

    I have just seen over on Ashleigh Money Saver that the next Sainsbury’s 25% off Tu clothing sale will be 28th November until 5th December 2016.

  • Charlotte

    Get £2 off the adorable pumpkin Halloween all in one pumpkin costume for baby boys or gorls. 0 to 24 months only £6.

  • Jane

    I am loving the cute Black Halloween Vampire Dracula costume which comes with sounds and lights. This suits 3 to 17 year old girls and is now priced at £9 marked down from £12.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The official Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing sale is now on where you can get 25% off all clothing. This sale ends on October 31st and is subject to availability, this counts for selected stores and online.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The next 25% off Sainsbury’s Tu sale starts October 25th, this is going to be great.

  • Harriet

    Have just seen on another page the next 25% off sale is on 25th – 31st October

  • Lisa

    The sainsburys tu clothing sale at the moment saving up to half price on selected tu clothing.

  • Grace

    Such a shame there are no deals on the Kids Halloween clothes. But looking at the prices compared to most online stores they are not badly priced, i mean take the Kids Black Halloween Swan With Mask, this is only priced at £11.

  • Charlotte

    Get up to half price off on selected Tu clothing. Mens, womens, kids etc, hurry though.

  • Henry

    There is a sale on in the mens section of Sainsburys Tu. 2 basic t-shirts for just £8.

  • Belinda

    Such a shame that there are no price cuts on kids Halloween clothing.

  • David

    From £9 down to £4.50 is the Khaki Acid Wash Los Angeles T-shirt -search for product code 130055974 and away you go. HURRY though as stock is running out, i think there is medium size left only.

  • Mickey

    Not much on sale with Sainsburys TU clothing, there are two items in th womens section. These are the Multicoloured Checked Sleeveless Tunic reduced from £16 to £8 and the Multicoloured Floral Linen Tunic from £22 down to £11.

  • Caroline

    I just love my recent purchase of the Turquoise Sleeveless Shirt reduced from £16 down to just £8. Summer here i come, all i need now is a little sun in the air.

  • Lacie

    You can save up to 1/2 price on selected Sainsbury’s Tu women’s clothing. Shop now and save money.

  • Nicola

    excellent, thank you for that

  • Tammy

    Online it says all next week online it says next week from the 24th till the 30th.

  • Janice

    Loving the Sainsbury’s Tu summer school wear section. Just bought my daughter a lovely blue classic gingham dress age 8 for just £4.

  • Nicola

    Anyone know when the next 25% off is?

  • Melissa

    For the summer and i am raring to go with my newly ordered Multicoloured Floral Shift Dress, which i paid just £9 for instead of £18.

  • Kerry

    You can save up to half price on selected TU clothing right now. Just head on over to the website and then click on the sale tab at the top.

  • Janey

    The 25% off sale has begun and will end on March 28th, I would hurry because stocks will sell fast. It looks like it is 25% OFF everything.

  • Nigel

    Is that correct, next 25% off sale starts this Tuesday 22 Mar?
    Seems like the last one only ended a couple weeks ago. But time does fly!
    I’m after some half price clothing already in there now, so I’ll wait till Tues (if you are right) and get another 25% off.

  • Jennifer

    On March 22, 2016 there is going to be a 25% off sale, do not want to miss this one as there going to be some amazing bargains.

  • Craig

    Mens tees is only 2 for £8 at the moment. There are a choice of 8 colours hurry though.

  • Janice

    Get 25% off Tu clothing, must be quick because this ends on 22nd February – While stocks last, this is for selected stores and online – visit TU at Sainsbury’s for your deal.

  • Kathryn

    I just two lovely Girls Green Mummy Top (0-24 months) for only £4, they are £2.50 each normally.

  • Rose

    WOW, get the Girls Pink Cat Sleepsuit (0-24months) for £5 or buy 2 for jusy £8 at Sainsburys Tu.

  • Krissy

    There are many items over on Sainsburys Tu clothing website at up to half price off. I got the multi-coloured checked scarf for only £4 instead of the original £8.

  • Janey

    The Sainsbury Tu Baby’s Event is very good indeed, I just got the girls mummy pink top for my little baby girl for just £2.50.

  • Angie

    Sainsbury’s TU BabyS Big Event is now on, there are many bargains and a section dedicated on winnie the pooh. Many items are very cheap such as the Unisex Cream Winnie The Pooh All In One (0- 24 months) for £7.

  • Jenny

    Sainsburys TU website doesn’t have many offers lately, when will they be having another big sale for 2016?

  • Libby

    The Sainsbury’s Tu Baby’s sale is still on. you can save up to half price on selected Tu clothing. Such as the Boys Blue Aztec Hooded Cardigan (0-24 months) for only £5.50 instead of £11.

  • Nancy

    It is working now, must have been my Internet, i panicked then as I need to get my girls some back to school clothes.

  • Nancy

    I visit Sainsbury’s Tu website and then click on the sale tab and nothing is showing.

  • Lorraine

    Sainsbury’s Tu up to half price sale on right now. I purchased the ‘ Camel Cable Knit Jumper ‘ for only £10 marked down form £20 a few days ago and was going to buy another for a friend but noticed they are now out of stock.

  • Angela

    Over at Tu the Teal Fur Collar Puffa Jacket has been reduced from £45 down to just £33.75, thats a cool saving of 25% and i am loving this one. So much so i have just bought it in time for the winter.

  • Stephen

    At the moment Sainsburys Tu is giving 25% off all clothing. This deal will end December 7th while stocks last.

  • Editor

    Loving the Kids Brown Christmas Camel Outfit for £10 all part of Nativity costumes, no events on this week but when they go live we will let you know.

  • Mark

    The the Christmas girls patchwork dress ages 9 months to 5 years for only £10.50 reduced from £14. Just shop over at Sainsburys Tu by clicking on the link top right on this page.

  • Nancy

    I just got the Black Floral High Neck Dress from Tu andonly paid £13.50 instead of £18. Lovely bargain.

  • Stanley

    Today you can save 25% off everything on Sainsburys Tu clothing. This sale event lasts until November 2nd while stocks last.

  • Nigella

    Is it true that this Tu Clothing Sale will last for a full five days?

  • Larry

    When you buy anything in the Tu range the 25% discount will apparently be knocked off automatically in the checkout. This also applies to all items in the sale.

  • Ben

    I have it on good word that the Sainsburys Tu sale starts Oct 27th.

  • Cary

    Currently the Charcoal Classic Wool Coat on the Tu site is priced at £50, please let this be a part of the sale when it occurs. Please let me know, thanks.

  • Karina

    I have seen the Gok colourblock multicoloured shall top priced at £22, please let this be apart of the next Tu sale please.

  • Mark

    I have looked on the official Tu Facebook page and they have not yet confirmed this date, but one comment on there said a person works for the store and they say the sale is on tomorrow. Have to wait and see won’t we.

  • Simon

    Is the next Sainsburys Tu clothing sale on tomorrow October 27?