See Santa Sleigh with ISS on Christmas Eve over the UK

Update: We just done a few searches and it’s confirmed if you are in UK you will see the Santa Sleigh with ISS at 5:21 PM on December 24 and 4:28 PM on Christmas Day December 25.

Would you and your children love to see Santa and his reindeer fly across the sky on Christmas Eve? Of course you would and we are very excited to share with you this amazing sighting.

When children look up to the stars (The time being will be 5:21PM if you are in the UK). on Christmas Eve December 24, 2015 they will see Santa and His Reindeer shoot past at amazing speeds.

For the little kiddies they will see Santa, for us adults we will see the NASA’s International Space Station for around 3 minutes as it passes over the UK. Please do not let the kids know this is a station, let us provide them with their dream of Santa flying over to give their Christmas presents because that is magical.

Spot the International Space Station on this NASA page, all you need to do is simply select your country then state, region and city then click on ‘Next’ – Have fun and hope you have a happy sighting.

International Popular Locations: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Sheffield. Even though these are the popular locations please do look outside when we verify the times on December 24th where all the magic will happen.

See Santa Sleigh with ISS on Christmas Eve over the UK pic 2