Save 73% on Anti-Loss Bluetooth Key Tracker with Wowcher

You can now save a whopping 73% on a Anti-Loss Bluetooth Key Tracker with Wowcher. Instead of paying the original price of £14.99 you need only pay £3.99, and you also get a choice of four different colours including green, black, pink or white.

How many times have you lost your keys? Everyone has we know that, but thanks to this key tracking device and the eTracing app you will always find them if you do misplace them. This device seems to work with iOS devices only because the app is only available via the App Store.

Main Key Tracker device features include: Beeps when activated with the fee application, not only is it great for keys it can also be used with wallets and other items you tend to lose. It also works up to a distance of 75 feet and comes with a lithium battery, which can lasts up to six months on standby.

The Small Print: Buy as many times as you like, once purchased the voucher is only valid up until 3rd Mar 2016, postage costs £1.99 per voucher, takes up to 5 working days for delivery after redeeming. Visit Wowcher right now and buy your cool tracker.