Secret Prosecco and Percussion Festival in Bristol

Who is going to attend the Secret Secret Prosecco and Percussion Festival in Bristol this year? This is a festival dedicated to Prosecco and is the first of its kind, one that will be loved of course.

This is the Prosecco & Percussion Day Party where all can join in on the fun and all things bubbly, boasting superb outdoor space, DJs and live music such as Disco, House, Jazz and Funk with percussion and live saxophone.

There will be 20 different types of Prosecco as well as cocktails and local ales. Do not forget the tasty street food that will be there as well, there will be flavours from all around the world to get your taste buds partying.

To attend this event please do visit the dedicated Facebook page to let them know if you’re going or interested. Dates etc will be in the comments below as dates and times may vary each year.

Secret Prosecco and Percussion Festival in Bristol

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  • Kat Blacklaws

    I asked about the location on the FB event ages AND have sent them a private message and STILL no location released!
    Does anyone have any idea where this event is actually taking place? I get the whole secret thing to build suspense but this is getting silly now, as there is less than a week to go! I was betting on Queen Sq as the obvious choice for Bristol but I work opposite and so far see no preparation being made for an event this weekend. Don’t think much of the organisers style thus far leaving people unable to make travel plans this late in the day!

  • Mark

    I am so going to this, just a shame its on Sunday August 27th as got work the next day. Not much drinking then, so stupid why NOT a Saturday?

  • Jane

    I am so going to this but where about in Bristol is it being held.