St Patrick’s Day

Every year on the closet Sunday to March 17th is when St Patrick’s Day is celebrated, and this is where many events around the world take place. Just in the UK alone many events happen where people celebrate on stunning floats, march across towns, have a few festive drinks in Irish bars, sports clubs and more.

Take for example the London St Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place in Piccadilly, going past some of the most iconic places such as Trafalgar Square, The Ritz etc. St Patrick’s Day is where millions of people get together to have fun donning their 3-leaf Shamrock.

Many other St Patrick Day events can include music festivals, activities, Irish food market celebrations, céilithe. The list is endless to how much fun you can have in a single day – What will you be doing on this special day?

This day is great for all age groups include children, but it is mainly adults that get together for the festivities. If you know of an event happening on St Patrick’s Day please do mention it below.

St Patrick’s Day

  • Lucie

    I will be in the O’Connell’s on Newport Road, central Middlesbrough where there will be live entertainment and a pint of Guinness for just £1.99 all day long.

  • Jamie

    I am doing St Patrick’s Day at Cutty Sark where you can dance under the ship. This is being held on March 19thSaturday in Greenwich. Its £20 for students and £25 everyone else.