Sun Holiday Codes April 2018 with Offer Tokens

Get ready for the next Sun Holiday codes for 2018 with offer tokens, where you can have a lovely break from only £9.50. Sun Holidays for the 7th April 2018 is the date that new will be shared right here on this page, so bookmark us.

Please remember the Sun Holiday codes need to be collected from 7th April and then all your codes can be used to make your booking. If you have a priority codes then you can book a little earlier. Sun Holiday codes allows you to book time away from only £9.50.

The Sun newspaper will provide all the tokens to collect and when they go live they will be added below on this page. So if you miss the paper you will have the codes here. Just simply check below, copy and paste the codes shown here along with the bonus code on the booking page and away you go.

Please remember thousands of people will be doing the same as you so demand will be very high indeed, hurry and be as quick as possible when booking. Get ready for your holiday in the sun, check out the parks here.

You can also join the Sun Savers to get priority booking

1) Download the free Sun Savers App or sign up on, then click offers and select the Hols from £9.50 promotion.
2) Collect FIVE Sun Savers codes OR FIVE tokens from The Sun between 7th April.
3) Once you have all the codes/tokens you will be able to book through Sun Savers or Sun Holidays website.

After you have down the above you will then need to pick four park choices and four start dates, please do visit this page for more information.

Sun Holiday Codes April 7th until the 14th:

Bonus Code – FACE
Code 1 – HOME
Code 2 – BOAT
Code 3 – PARK
Code 4 – POOL
Code 5 – KISS
Code 6 – WALL
Code 7 – G3J7
Code 8 – FACE
Email – Check your email for bonus code, this is normally sent to you if you have already signed up….

Sun Holiday Codes April 2018 with Offer Tokens

  • Mark

    Start collecting your codes, they went live on April 7th…

  • Larry

    Hey guys and girls you can book from today, I have booked one for 3 nights for 4 people and with the mobile home stay for the 3 nights, entertainment passes for all of us and the service charge you have to pay it was a total of £82 – bargainnnnnnnnn

  • Simon

    You can book online as from tomorrow – check your emails because you get a bonus code allowing you to book early….

  • Alice

    I have booked a few holidays thanks to this page – thanks guys…

  • Erica Davies

    because the 4 short codes go on the club950 site not the savers site

  • Larry

    15th January Code —- HERE

  • Sharon Viccars

    anyone know todays code please?

  • GAZ


  • Karen Barry Sadler

    my codes dont registar some letters are reverting to numbers anyone else having the same problem

  • Jase

    BOND is the code for today….

  • Mark (Editor)

    Hi Janet, just use the codes above and enter them in when you have them all. These are the same for everyone.

  • janet gilchrist

    i have missed the sun tokens for the 6th to the 11th jan is there any way i can collect them today

  • Claire

    Pink is today’s code.

  • Simon

    Today’s code is STAY keep checking above thanks guys.

  • Erica Davies

    i have a sun holiday fb group if anyone wants to join that needs assistance to how to book holidays
    The Sun Holidays With Erica

  • Jack

    That is correct, they found this out yesterday….

  • Erica Davies

    hi, the savers cant be shared.

  • Mark

    Get ready to collect from January 6th 2018. Yes that is this Saturday….

  • kerry

    Anyone got the codes for sealife? September codes I need 9

  • Erica Davies

    Worded Token 1 – Saturday 19th August – KEEN
    Worded Token 2 – Sunday 20th August – HINT
    Worded Token 3 – Monday 21st August – LOFT
    Worded Token 4 – Tuesday 22nd August – MIND
    Worded Token 5 – Wednesday 23rd August – CITY
    Worded Token 6 – Thursday 24th August – LAND

  • Erica Davies


  • Erica Davies

    all the codes
    Worded Token 1 – Saturday 8th July – HENS
    Worded Token 2 – Sunday 9th July – PAST
    Worded Token 3 – Monday 10th July – TALL
    Worded Token 4 – Tuesday 11th July – FOOD
    Worded Token 5 – Wednesday 12th July – WOOD
    Worded Token 6 – Thursday 13th July – SHOP
    Worded Token 7 – Friday 14th July – HILL
    Worded Token 8 – Saturday 15th July – WENT
    Worded Token 9 – Sunday 16th July – LAMP
    Worded Token 10 – Monday 17th July – V9R4 – Last One
    good luck all

  • Erica Davies

    yes today

  • Ashley Liddell

    has anyone got todays please?

  • Denise

    ah that explains it thank you. When can these codes be entered do you know please?

  • Erica Davies

    HILL is todays – friday

  • Erica Davies

    SHOP is todays – thursdays

  • Erica Davies

    WOOD is todays – wednesdays

  • Erica Davies

    u have to buy papers every day

  • Erica Davies

    these codes are sun holiday codes to be entered on booking day, these are not SAVERS

  • Erica Davies

    FOOD is todays



  • Denise

    The above codes aren’t being recognised for me

  • Mark

    Het ready because from Saturday the codes will start again for your from £9.50 Sun Holiday.

  • Erica Davies

    yes, one started today – saturday 13th may – or the main next promotion is july

  • Erica Davies


  • Samantha

    When will the next Sun Holiday Codes go live, I have already collected the April 2017 ones but will there be another this year?

  • Erica Davies

    check the spelling, and type it in order as you see them.

  • Marie Jones

    My codes don’t work am I to late to book?

  • Erica Davies

    Worded Token 1 – Saturday 1st April – PASS
    Worded Token 2 – Sunday 2nd April – FAIR
    Worded Token 3 – Monday 3rd April – BELT
    Worded Token 4 – Tuesday 4th April – MILD
    Worded Token 5 – Wednesday 5th April – TINY
    Worded Token 6 – Thursday 6th April – READ
    Worded Token 7 – Friday 7th April – T3K9
    Worded Token 9 – Bonus code – From Priority Booker’s – CLAP

  • Erica Davies

    yes, u can use this promotion codes as many times as u wish. u can book 3, or 4 holidays choice is ures, but remember u have to pay the accommodation on booking day which is £60.00 based on 4 sharing

  • Erica Davies

    READ is todays – Thursday 6th

  • Craig

    MILD is today’s word… Lovely….

  • Erica Davies

    Fair is today’s word

  • Simon

    Wahey the April Sun holiday codes are back again… Cheap holiday to be had in 8 days……

  • Kerry

    Not too sure actually, never thought about that. Might give it a go you never know. My guess is they know your email address so limit you to just one booking so maybe book under your partners or friends email.

  • Gay Watkins

    Can we use the same codes twice to book 2 holidays

  • Billy

    I booked ours last night because we had the Sun reference code. We are now going to Looe in Cornwall 4 adults only £60, we know we have to pay extra such as electric and gas etc but thats only £8 for 3 nights. Bargain.

  • Nat

    Thanks so much It’s worked for me !!! Holiday booked

  • Steven

    Tried k8f6 won’t let me access site

  • Steven

    Same here but then I’m not fortunate enough to be in the m25

  • Hayley Peachey

    Yea same happening here

  • Beverly Robertson

    site wont let me in keeps saying this side cant be reach anyone else having problems

  • Erica Davies

    K8F6 last code for priorities

  • Beverly Robertson


  • Shaz

    Anyone got the today’s code yet ?

  • James Quinn

    If you find it… remember sharing is caring….

  • suzanne

    anyone have Sunday’s code?

  • Erica Davies

    the last one??
    midnight or before

  • MrBloobird

    what time do the codes go online ??

  • Ryszard

    hi ,token number 8 is FOAL

  • Erica Davies

    FOAL is todays code

  • Erica Davies

    some places just charge for 9.50 and no charge for extras, but they only cover certain dates

  • Loraine

    I have seen on the website that the deals are based on four people sharing, but I have 7 in my family so how does that work?

  • Chase

    This is fantastic, loving it that you are getting all the codes for us. I still buy the paper near the end of the code collecting so I can see all the information on the parks etc.

  • Marcia

    Look above for the January 11th code, I am so hoping I can go to Spain using the codes.

  • Jason

    The code for today January 10th is CALF.

  • Kate

    Only 7 more codes to collect and booking I can do. Looking forward to it because last year I booked 5 nights in Snowdonia staying at Greenacres Park in Wales and was really nice, even got to walk up Snowdon, which is well worth doing.

  • Erica Davies

    just look on here for the codes

  • Erica Davies

    todays code is ANEW

  • Gregg

    £9.50, what sort of holiday and where could you go for this. Surely there are hidden charges somewhere to bump it to well over £100 for a week, still cheap but not £9.50.

  • Mark

    **Sun Holidays** from just £9.50 when using the Sun Holiday Codes. Come
    back here on 7th January 2017 because this page will be updated with the NEW 2017 codes.

  • Peter

    I am so looking forward to this as its getting very expensive to go on holidays at the moment. From £9.50 is a good price point.

  • Jane

    Do I still need to collect the codes from the newspaper?

  • Kelly

    Does any 1 know about the voucher on the letter sayin go a day early?

  • Emily Durkin

    It is saying the same with me. Someone please help

  • keely

    site is telling me invalid code words but im typing them or copying and pasting them direct…. help!

  • Erica Davies

    site is open now

  • minirot1

    Sandford Park Dorset nice setting in woodland and nice and flat too!

  • minirot1

    Thankyou guys!

  • Kym

    It is now thanks guys 🙂 x

  • Kym

    D6n9 code isnt workin :/

  • minirot1

    Hi what is the tenth code I have only got 9, please help x

  • A T

    Just booked butlins Skegness 17/10/16. Who else booked what?

  • steve Howlett

    D6n9 is correct

  • MC……….


  • Leanne Churchill


  • MC

    final code D6N9

  • MC

    ……lastcode D6N9

  • MC


  • MC


  • MC


  • MC


  • MC


  • MC


  • sheila

    let us all know as we cannot book with out it

  • Jason

    Havent found it yet

  • Leanne Churchill

    Have u managed to find it yet

  • Leanne Churchill

    Cant find the code for 17th anywhere

  • Darren Mann

    I’m freaking out can’t find it anywhere onlinr

  • Jason

    Anybody know the last code for sun 17 july

  • sheila

    does anyone know the last code word for this sunday 17th july

  • Erica Davies

    token word 9 is PAGE

  • Macey

    There is no specific time on July 17 as far as I know, so just keep checking the official Sun page, or just enter all codes as soon as you have them and if it goes through then you know its live.

  • Tracy Smith

    How early will you be able to get the code up on Sunday so we can get booked before the big rush?

  • Grace

    At last, last year I missed out on this offer and many of my friends had a bargain holiday. This time I will not forget and miss out. Thank you guys for the updated codes.

  • Julie

    Works fine for me, I have already booked for somewhere in July. Hope you get it working.

  • SJP1892

    Does anyone know when you can book holidays for dates after 5th September?

  • Tom

    Thank you.

  • Becky-leigh Taylor

    Has anyone tried to book? It’s telling me invalid code words?

  • Jacob

    Look above sir in the content as they have just added the new codes.

  • Mark

    It was STEP.

  • Tom

    Does anyone know what Sunday’s code was? Thanks.

  • darren

    cheers Tom

  • Tom

    Crab and duck. Need today’s if anyone has it?

  • darren

    does anyone know the new codes for the £15 sun holidays ?

  • Jane

    All the Sun holiday codes are in. Members can go to the booking form now, non-members have ti wait until tomorrow April 9th.

  • Jamie

    Hopefully it will go back the old way where we can see the codes online, at the moment they have changed them where you can only get them from the newspaper.

  • Chris

    The Sun Codes for February 2016 are printed on the back page of
    every Sun newspaper from 27th February 2016 until 5th March 2016. This time round they cannot be shared.

  • Mark

    Even though the Sun is offering great deals on holidays i am a little ticked of to be fair. I booked mine to go somewhere for a few nights and it should have cost £30 each, but then they charge you based on 4 people so it was £120, which do not get me wrong is still like £200 cheaper than the original price. So i thought well if i am paying for 4 people then i should be allowed to add another 2 people but it would not let me. So now i have a big mobile home for just the two of us even though i paid for 4. Sort of a rip off and a bargain at the same time.

  • Kayleigh

    Does anyone know when the closing date is for booking? X

  • Gill

    Waiting to book with today’s code. Does anyone know what it is please?

  • Lorna

    waiting for todays code too! Please anyone??? xx

  • Hannah

    Any one know code for Sunday 17th please xx

  • Daniel

    Only a few more days now and we can book online and see if we are one of the lucky ones, so hope i get in there quick enough as not too miss out.

  • Jacob

    I am very much hoping i can get to go to Holland by using the Sun Holiday codes. Apparently there are a couple of locations such as Beekse Bergen 1, 5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek.

  • Lisa

    I am collecting these each day and so looking to get a cheap holiday to Croatia, happy days. So thanks guys for posting the codes.

  • Simon

    I am so looking forward to having a break with my wife and little son. Getting away for a cheap price is always good in my eyes and the Sun has many destinations now to visit so here is looking forward to special precious times.

  • Kerry

    Thanks for the code, bookmarked page and this will save me some time finding them all in one place. Hopefully I get the break we need.

  • Clive

    This is superb guys, thank you for sharing this page with us because it makes a lot easier rather than buying the newspaper every day. I will bookmark you right now. Thanks again.

  • Janice

    I am very much looking forward to this, I am wanting to go to St Ives Holiday Village in Cornwall as i have been before and had a lot of fun and from £9.50 you cannot go wrong.