Next Boots Star Gift

Each year the Boots Star gift deal of the week begins for a set period of time and here is where you will find out information.

Next Boots Star Gift2017-11-16T13:08:37-00:30

Next CES Event

The CES Show is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada from JANUARY 5-8, 2017, each year we will change the next CES event dates and update with new information as it happens.

Next CES Event2017-01-06T11:26:33-00:30

Next Xiaomi Live Event

Xiaomi holds an event each year announcing new products about to be launched and released to the general public.

Next Xiaomi Live Event2018-01-09T09:11:06-00:30

Next IFA Event

The huge consumer electronics show named ‘IFA’, which is held in Berlin, Germany each year always surprises us with new technology from laptops to smartphones and much more.

Next IFA Event2018-01-09T09:09:46-00:30

Next Samsung Unpacked event

Each year the next Samsung Unpacked event always excites, but some say this type of event is a little over-the-top and more like a production.

Next Samsung Unpacked event2018-01-09T08:16:51-00:30

Next Apple event

The next Apple event keynote will bring plenty of self-recognition in regard to sales figures and how well the technology company is doing, but it's normally the new software and product launches that fans want to see most.

Next Apple event2018-01-09T08:15:27-00:30