Next Temples Festival in Bristol – 2016 Cancelled

In 2015 the Temples Festival in Bristol was held from June 3rd until the 5th, but there will be a warm-up event on the 2nd June. Those that are familiar with this event will know it is being held at the popular venue is Bristol called Motion, the place where there are old Victorian warehouses now being used for music rooms and a skate-park.

The Temples Festival line-up looks amazing with the likes of sheer Terror and the likes of Melvins.

This is most definitely one for the music lover, tickets start at around £42.50 for say Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the pre-party is only £16.50. You can buy a whole weekend ticket at £116.

Are you going to the next Temples Festival in Bristol?

UPDATE: The 2016 Temples Festival has been cancelled.

Next Temples Festival in Bristol – 2016 Cancelled

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  • Jenny

    This is so sad, will they be bringing this festival back in 2017?

  • Maxy

    All down to limited access to advanced tickets, no sponsors and expensive layouts.

  • Kerry

    So NOT happy that the 2016 temples festival has been cancelled.

  • Seaneen

    Temples Festival recently accounced its final headline, they are none other than Mayhem. Others include Melvins and Carcass.

  • Toby

    I am so happy that ANb has been added to Temples 2016.