Next Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys

Throughout the year you have many sales on where you can save money on toys, but one of the best is the Tesco 3 for 2 on toys. This toy sale is very popular indeed where normally you choose 3 products and you get the third (cheapest) for free. Why pay retail prices when you can bag a bargain just in time for Christmas.

This is where you want to be for the next Tesco 3 for 2 toys sale, because we as well as other shoppers will add updates as well as the best deals when they go live. Of course dates will be added when available, this is a big sale you do not want to miss. Maybe you are after buying Hatchimals, a new doll, playhouse, games, action figures etc, no matter what you need hopefully the toy you would like will be a part of the huge Tesco toy sale.

When Live: There is nothing worse than missing a great deal, so be sure to check back on this page for the Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys because when the offers go live this is where you will want to be.

Next Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys

Next Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys event news up to September 2018

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When is the next Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Gordon

    17th November

  • Gordon

    **HEADS UP** Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys (includes Lego) STARTS Tomorrow 17th November. This is apparently part of the Tesco Black Friday Event…

  • Kylie

    Will there be another 3 for 2 offer does anyone know

  • Janice

    I bought the Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Doll at £25, the Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Doll at £50 and the Baby Annabell Learns to Swim Doll at £39.99 (this one has been marked down from £49.99). So I basically got the first item for FREE.

  • Alice

    The Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys is now LIVE peeps, i have saved a bit already in time for Christmas.

  • Jamie

    The next Tesco 3 for 2 toy event begins tomorrow October 27th.

  • Jess

    Get 500 extra points when you spend £30 or more on Sylvanian Families.

  • Denise

    There is no toy sale on at the moment worth chatting about. I have messaged Tesco asking when it will be on again.

  • Belinda

    I would like to see the price come down on the Speak Out Family Game, i would also like to know if this game is part of the 3 for 2 on toys.

  • Carla

    Save £30 on the Carousel Train Table Set, which is exclusive to Tesco, the rice is now only £30. Search product code online with Tesco Direct 565-0324.

  • Ashley

    Is the Tesco 3 for 2 sale on toys still on? The reason I asked is because when I add 3 items to my basket and then go to checkout its still pricing all 3 products.

  • Chrissy

    Loving the Tesco 12 deals of Christmas, todays deal is the Roku 2 4205EU HD Digital Media Streamer for only £44. This is great for the kids really as they can watch a lit of entertainment.

  • Jane

    The Tesco 3 for 2 Toys sale is expected to start tomorrow December 2nd.

  • lauren

    Hi is there defo a 3for2 in December? Thanks

  • Millie

    Lovign the fact I have 57 Paw Patrol toys to choose from, all part of the 3 for 2.

  • Jinny

    Love my purchases today, I got 3 items with one being the Vtech Flipsies Grace & Her Throne only costing *.24 for this one thanks to the £4.24 saving.

  • Clarence

    I just got 3 lots of LEGO Friends, they were the Party Gift Shop 41113, Friends Party Cakes 41112 and the Party Styling 41114. I got the cheapest free, which basically gave me £2.84 off the final price.

  • Nina

    The Tesco 3 for on toys is now live, a lot of selected items also have discounted prices as well.

  • Simon

    The 3 for 2 page shows up but its not live until tomorrow Nov 18, when it goes live each item will have the 3 for 2 logo on it.

  • Jessica

    Love to know what Tesco toys you have purchased during the now live 3 for 2 on toys. Just in case I have missed something this gives me other ideas. Thanks all.

  • Narnia

    I heard the 3 for 2 on toys was going live tomorrow November 18th, but it looks like its gone live tonight.

  • Janey

    I have been chatting with a friend that works in Tesco and they say they are starting its Black Friday sale next week, if I got it right I think it will be on November 21st building up to the main day on the 25th. Also the next 3 for 2 on toys could come early December.

  • ste

    is there one in November

  • Mark

    The toys sale is ending tomorrow 31 October, hopefully you will let us know when the next Tesco 3 for 2 on Toys sale is on.

  • Larry

    Save £4 on the STAR WARS 2 in 1 craft pack now only £4 to buy, this is also part of the Tesco 3 for 2 on toys.

  • Mario

    You can buy 3 toys and get the cheapest for 3, which is very good and one of the buys i purchased was the 4 pack Play-Doh Doh Vinci Deco Pop. Normally priced at £4 but today even htough the 3 for 2 on toys sale is on they still knock the price of this product down to just £1.80.

  • Mark (Editor)

    The Tesco 3 for 2 Toys sale is on now and ends 31 October 2016, shop here until your heart is content

  • Laura

    What time will the sale be online ?

  • Mike

    I am so hoping i can get an 3 Hatchimals, if I do will i buy 2 and get the 3rd for free?

  • Alice

    I have been waiting for this toy sale for ages. People were saying the date but you never believe it until its official so thanks guys.

  • Mark

    The next Tesco 3 for 2 toys sale will be tomorrow October 28th until the 31st. Be sure to tell all your friends.