The Body Shop Advent Calendar Sale

The Body Shop Advent Calendar online is fun and offers you guides and much more. They are calling this one ’24 Days of Festive Surprises’. Customers will get to enjoy the stunning beauty advent calendar where each day is a good one full of seasonal fun.

Each day you will discover many things from genius beauty hacks to bath & body specials and more. This is The Body Shop’s way of spreading seasonal cheer. All you need to do is click on a door and see the surprise, you cannot peek on other doors until that day has arrived so no peeking allowed.

Each year is different and the advent calendar may have a new name, but keep coming back to know what is behind the doors, that way if you or dislike you can have your say. Let us know what are behind the doors, hopefully we will get to see deals and offers as well as guides.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar Sale

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  • Sylvia

    I love The Body Shop and at the moment the 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar Item 55096 is priced at £60, will this price come down during its Black Friday sale?

  • Mark (Editor)

    If you are looking for the best Body Shop Advent Calendar then look no further than here. Get your 24 days of cheeky surprises – First up is the 24 Happy Days Beauty Advent Calendar worth £106 but now priced at just £60. Next up is the Deluxe Advent Calendar worth £127.50 but now priced at £80. Then there is the Ultimate Advent Calendar worth £187 marked down to just £99. Buy Here >

  • Kate

    Behind door 3 is the big beauty guide by Laurenella, i am not too excited about these things they are giving away. How about some free products rather than advice tomorrow.

  • Martha

    I am waiting for December 3 door 3 because guides are good but deals are better. A guide in my eye is not a gift.

  • Rudy

    I just clicked on number 2, which is today December 2 and behind was another guide. This one is the Glam O’Clock Christmas Cosmetics Gold Edition Guide.

  • Nora

    Behind door one December 1 was the Stocking Filler Gift Guide – Frosted Plus Edition fresh from Carousel Diary, this one offers a little advice.