Next Transfer Deadline Day

Deadline Day is here where transfers will be done. The traditional date of closure is August 31, but in 2014 it closed on September 1 because Aug 31st fell on a Sunday. So what will happen this year for the Premier League’s clubs?

If you look back to 2014 Deadline Day Deals Welbeck cost Arsenal £16 million, in 2013 they spent a staggering £42.4m for Ozil. Manchester United buys in 2014 cost them £13.8 million for Blind.

You can bet big clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham as well as Arsenal will be looking at the market for new players to sign. Is there any chance at all the Premier League can beat the £835m record this year for transfers?

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Next Transfer Deadline Day

Next Transfer Deadline Day event news up to September 2018

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  • Craig

    Getting ready for the Champions League qualifying, August 3 – Barcelona v Leicester City.

  • Jones

    Sadio Mane goes from Southampton to Liverpool in a staggering 34 million transfer. This is on a 5 year contract, do you think he is worth this much?

  • Benny

    During the closing hours of transfer deadline day Manchester United attempted to sign Arsenal’s Mathieu Debuchy, what are your views on this people?

  • Jamie

    Swindon Town’s Nathan Byrne has been signed to Wolves.

  • Ronnie

    I have a funny feeling that Arsenal will not be buying anyone this year. Ozil was a shock when they bought him but that was an out of the blue buy.

  • Lecester

    City gets Robihno, I thought he would have went over to United. Deadline day is putting the spanners in my works.

  • Hanns

    Is Hakan Çalhanoğlu going to be transferred over to Manchester United?