No need to wonder when the next UFC event will be because here on ‘Event Next’ there will be many updates either by fans or ourselves. The list of Ultimate Fighting Championship events throughout the year are immense, they range from UFC Fight Night to UFC 72 etc and to keep up with them all can be hard.

The mixed martial arts sport is very popular indeed and the first event took place way back on November 12, 1993. There will be many bout events with a preliminary card then the main card and will be followed by the main event.

There are also many events such as UFC 70, 75, 105, UFC 120, UFC 122 and many more, these are just a few to mention.

Let us know what next UFC event you are looking forward to the most, please remember to add the fighters name, when it will be aired and what channel etc.

Next UFC event news up to April 2021

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