What time can you collect A-level results in Aug 2018?

Thousands will be wondering what time they can collect their A-level results and the special day is Thursday 16 August 2018 this year. Before you head to your 6th form, you might want to consider looking at official social accounts for your school and also Twitter for further insight.

The exact A-level results collection time changes each year and by area. In 2018, we know many areas of Kent and locations like Broadstairs could collect from 8AM in the morning.

We also see UCAS Online stopping updates each year the day before A-level results day, which is due to processing the results until 8AM UK time. Students are already hitting social accounts with plans for after parties, which involve booze in many cases no matter if the results will be good or bad.

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What time can you collect A-level results in Aug 2018?

  • Nathan

    I heard they have marked all the results wrong or something, it’s been in mainstream media news. Is this just rubbish, or for real?

  • Jess

    Remember there’s different times for AS Level and A Level, in my area it’s 11am for AS and that’s Billericay Sixth Form results collection.

  • Susan

    I’m really happy I’m not an A level student, thinking about waiting all this time for results.