What time is Apple event today?

Today is the day the Apple Event kicks off and the countdown has already begun, and with only 5 hours left to go people are already on the edge off their seats wondering what will be announced. Even though we all have a good idea it still intrigues the masses, it’s what Apple do.

What time is Apple event today? The Sept 9, 2015 Apple event starts at 6PM BST, which is 10AM PDT, 1PM EST and in India it all starts at 10:30PM.

We already know there will be a live stream of the event, and you can watch Tim Cook and Co take to the stage. We will be watching via our Apple TV and will update where we can. We would recommend you visiting our Apple Event page where you see many comments come in of what will be announced from our readers and us. There are talks of a new Apple TV Gaming unit, time will tel.

Over on the official App Store Twitter account you can see they are saying the Apple keynote going to be big, they also have an image saying, “Hey Siri, give us a hint?”

What time is Apple event today?

  • Toby

    Is the Apple Event only being streamed to those that own an Apple device? Surely Apple should allow everyone to watch it and then that way they may get some other os users on its platform.

  • Jessica

    Is it true the iPhone 6S will get the ‘always on’ Siri mode?

  • Robert

    Funny how today is going to be the only day i use my Apple TV, it never gets used to be fair. Wonder what new features they are going to have on the new iPhones.

  • Mark

    5:45pm I will be sitting in front of my 50-inch TV with the Apple TV on and ready to go. So looking forward to this, better than the rubbish they stick on the TV.