When are GCSE results out for August 2018?

Hundreds of thousands of students are asking one question, “When are GCSE results out for August 2018?” and the answer to this is Thursday 23rd August. Students will be able to go into their school or college to pick up their results normally in an envelope, for those who cannot make it can request them via post.

Many students will be very nervous indeed, we have already had A-Level results day and now it is time for GCSE results day 2015. The time you can collect them all depends on location and of course school and college, we would recommend looking at the official Twitter accounts for times.

Ok, so what are the GCSE grade boundaries? These are based on the amount of marks you need for a good grade, the GCSE scores work in a different way to an A level grade because these are represented by a number. So colleges/sixth forms will probably want you to achieve a certain score such as example 5.0, 6.0.

GCSE score system: A* = 8, A = 7, B = 6, C = 5, D = 4, E = 3, F = 2, G = 1 and U = 0. You will need a pen and paper or calculator to add up your total scores. Finding your average score is as simple as adding your grade marks and then dividing them up by the number of GCSEs you have taken. So say these are your results – Maths you got a B, which equals 6, Science core: B = 6, Science additional: C = 5, English language: A = 7, English literature: B = 6, Geography: C = 5, Art: B = 6, Drama: A = 7 and ICT: C = 5, this means your score would be 6+6+5+7+6+5+6+7+5= 53/9=5.8

When are GCSE results out for August 2018?

  • James

    At Etone College year 11s will get their results from 9:30am in the sixth form.

  • Patrica

    Stress levels are building up now for GCSE results day 2015, are they going to be really low or will i get good marks. I think i done rather well so lets wait and see shall we.

  • Jake

    Results day tomorrow and i am very nervous indeed. All I can say is good luck to everyone and fingers are crossed for all of us.