Wilkinson Sword Women’s Intuition Shavers Only £1.50

Wilkinson Sword is giving the ladies the perfect deal today, and all it takes is a simple text. They are selling the perfect shaver for women called the ‘Intuition’ for just £1.50.

The Wilkinson Sword Intuition shaver comes in 3 types, which include Sensitive, Ultra Moisture and Dry Skin, all you need to do to make these work well is a little water.

They lather when water is added and whilst shaving automatically moisturizes at the same time. The Ultra Moisture features shea butter, the sensitive care features skin conditioning bar as well as visible ribbons and the has almond oil and coconut milk.

All three come with visible ribbons, all you need to do to claim your razor is text INTUITION followed by a space and then add your name, postal address and post code to 84010. For more deals and updates please do follow the Wilkinson Sword Facebook page.