So, when is the next women’s shoes and boots sale at Fitflop? Well, this is where you can find out all the information you need to know when Fitflop goes live with any of its sales. Yes they do sell mens and other type of shoes and boots but the most popular seem to be women’s boots and shoes.

The sale varies during the year but some of the most popular offers include a saving of up to 60%, when it comes to the next big Fitflop sale we recommend you visiting this dedicated sale page.

Some of the deals in the past have included the Loaff Lace-Up Nubuck Ankle Boots reduced fro £94.95 down to £47.50, then another great deal was on the Skatebootie Leather Boots with Shearling priced at £69 thanks to a 40% saving. If you see any deals that we have missed please do comment below.

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