World Down Syndrome Day March 21

World Down Syndrome Day also known as WDSD is always observed on March 21, those that have Down Syndrome and of course those that are around, being it living or working with those with it organize events and activities around the world so that they can raise public awareness.

Events are added all the time over on the official website, Down Syndrome International (DSi) loves to share to the world and of course friends what it is like to help raise awareness on what Down Syndrome is and how those with it can be a part of and play a vital role in communities.

Events are happening all around the world and you can upload your activities and events by registering with the online WDSD community.

Do you have any lovely Down Syndrome quotes you would love to share with us and our readers? If you do please add them below along with any event or activity you know of.

World Down Syndrome Day March 21

  • Kevin

    This is a great day because people around the world put on some amazing events and activities where people can mingle and have fun.

  • Jane

    Many belief that down syndrome is a disability, I have a friend who has down syndrome and i look at it as a chance for me to have met someone awesome. We all look different in this world, people with down syndrome look different but my friend is just my friend and nothing else comes into it. Happy world syndrome day.