Next World Photography Day

On August 19th each year is World Photography Day, and this is a global day where people celebrate photos and of course photography. It does not matter if you are a professional, amateur or a hobbyist; it is all about the understanding of the origin and of course significance of this special day.

We here on ‘Event Next’ would like for you to embrace World Photography Day and have your say on how you feel about it, and why it is very important to you. It all started as the invention of the Daguerreotype photographic processes, which was the creation of Louis Daguerre and Joseph NicephoreNiepce back in 1837.

But it was not until August 19, 1839 the French government gave the true meaning of World Photography Day, as the invention as the first practical gift to the world.

To the right of this page you will see a very useful link to the official World Photo Day website, and please do comment below. Happy World Photography Day wishes to you all.