Xiaomi holds an event each year announcing new products about to be launched and released to the general public. For 2015 the date was set on October 19 and sadly for some the Mi5 was not included into the Xiaomi live event today.

Already revealed in 2015 were the MIUI 7 China ROM, Redmi Note 2 Prime, as well as the Redmi Note 2 and Mi Wi-Fi Nano. What can we expect from the next Xiaomi launch event.

Based in Beijing, China Xiaomi is the 4th largest smartphone maker with apps, smartphones and consumer electronics under its belt. When an event goes live customers from Malaysia, China, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia and India look out for special dates of when the next Xiaomi event will go live, and this is why we have created this community.

Any new events, news, Xiaomi product releases will be listed here, what are you expecting to hear in the next Xiaomi live event?

Next Xiaomi event news up to April 2021

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